Patriots Day at Sam Nariani Summer Cricket Camp

For 23 years the Sam Nariani Cricket School of Excellence Under-13 Summer Camp (held in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports) has been a sporting staple in the community. This year the SKN Patriots joined forces with the young cricketers, parents and coaches to give them a well needed boost to conclude their camp.

The camp ran from 23rd-July 27that the Conaree Recreational Grounds and on the final day, the Patriots franchise sponsored ‘Patriots Day’. Coaches and players met with thirty-five young cricketers to socialize, while simultaneously giving them tips on their developing games. Summer Camp Head Coach, Mr. Keith Esdaille highlighted the importance of having the support of Sun Island Clothes for the past 23 years. The children were all presented with tickets to the first Patriots home game and team paraphernalia as a way of showing solidarity with the potential young and upcoming cricketers as well as the community at large.

Historically, the camp has been used as a base to field squads for the St. Kitts Under-13 teams. Additionally, many individuals that have passed through the camp and are now in the Under 15/17 and Under-19 National teams. Patriots’ own Jeremiah Louis as well as Sheeno Liddie of the Trinbago Knight Riders (both St. Kitts Nevis Nationals) have passed through these ranks and have come to realize their dreams in the culmination of their professional cricketing careers.

Managing Director of Sun Island Clothes, Mahesh Nariani encouraged the kids to use the allotted time wisely and to try to be as productive as possible while maintaining that their fate remained in their hands. Richard Berridge, Patriots CEO felt that Patriots Day was a resounding success overall and hoped that it would be the start of a long and fruitful relationship with the summer camp and was delighted to show the public that the Patriots were committed to their success. He underscored the need for their full support in the upcoming games starting this Thursday which will be shown live via and especially for Warner Park home games, August 28th– September 4th.

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